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status What you can expect from us

When you approach us we'll have an initial meeting to chat through your project. After this we'll produce a project proposal giving you details of how we plan to approach building your application and breaking down the cost into individual line items so you can see what features are more expensive than others. By breaking down the costs in this way, we enable you to manage the cost by adding or removing line items to priotitize what you need at the cost you want.

We can work on a range of projects:

status Is Mobile Appster the company for you?

We try to be up front and clear so you can see where our strengths are and what we can help you with.

We are the right company for you if:

You are a small company, startup or individual Looking for a friendly company to help you build a website, system or app. We're experienced working with startups and small companies.

You are looking for a rapid turn around We are small, agile and nimble and rapidly turn around engineering and product development activities

You are a large company that needs some consultancy or assistance with Enterprise mobile or web applications. We are experienced with working in large Enterprises

We are not the right company for you if:

You are a large Enterprise looking for a significant system If you're looking to hire dozens of developers to work on your large system.

You are looking for SAP, Oracle or other off-the-shelf Enterprise solution

You want a multi-million pound project built While we're flattered that you'd think of us, we are not scaled for that sort of activitiy, and not looking to rapidly scale up to that level.

status Costs

Building a technology product can be daunting, and if you're new to it, you may not know where to begin or how much to expect your project to cost. Even if you have built products before, different companies charge vastly different amounts. To help you see whether you are interested in Mobile Appster Mobile Appster's services, we've provided some rought indicative costs below based on previous projects. Your actual project will be unique, and so the costs for it will be unique as well, but these give a rough sense of order of magnitude so you know what to expect.

Small Projects A small project can be anywhere from £500 - £10,000. It may involve a simple mobile app, with only a few screens, and a website. You might be able to post up articles or content or collect information from users through forms. It may have a rudimentary login system. Great for producs where you expect hundreds or thousands of users.

Medium Projects A Medium project can cost from £10,000 - £25,000. It may consist of a website and mobile app with a database backend. Great for projects where you expect up to tens of thousands of users.

Large Projects A large project can cost from £25,000 - £75,000. It may consist of a brand new website, with dozens of areas and sections, backend systems, mobile apps for iPhone and iPad, involving login systems, security, transactional emails, storage, possibly integrating in with multiple third party APIs or systems and real time notifications and transcations. For projects you can expect hundreds of thousands of users.

Very large Projects At this stage, we don't take on projects that are over £75,000. These would be large, complex, critical systems, maybe involving integrating into existing systems, or significant complexity and used by millions of people.

status Managed Services

We can provide managed services to support and run your application online. Where we do, we make the following commitments:

100% Renewable The applications we build are deployed exclusively to data centres that are 100% renewable

Security All of our applications sit behind SSL certificates with strong 2048-bit keys. For applications that need account management and sign in, authentication tokens are signed with SHA256 HMAC signatures, and use BCrypt for password storage.

Reliability By standard systems we deploy and manage are guranteed to be up 99.9% of the time.