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Many of the apps we've built over the last five years have been custom-written business apps for companies and so aren’t available for general release on the appstore.

We've specialised in complex integrations with existing systems, and providing the same great user experience to business users as they expect from consumer apps.

Below are some of the apps we're currently working on. If you want more information or to see how our other apps could work in your business, do get in touch.

Noah Screenshot

Noah Logo Noah

Forget emailing around PDFs or carrying massive ringbinders. Noah lets you create powerful, easy to use mobile apps containing all your business information in one place.

Wellfair Screenshot

Wellfair Logo Wellfair

The socialist bill splitter

Split your bills in proportion to income. Less painful than paying for individual food and fairer, in a strange sort of way, than splitting it evenly. It's well fair.

Color Cats Screenshot

Color Cats Color Cats

These sticky kittens by Jam are the answer to your emoji ennui.

An app made in conjunction with graphic designer, Jam. We worked with Jam to make a sticker app of a sample of his artwork and release it on the launch day of iOS10.

Partisan Screenshot

Partisan Logo Partisan

Who's in control here? Wherever you are, Partisan will tell you who the MP is, what party is in power and other information about the local area.